Hi Stephanie,

This is Karin Riggs, Sue Hagen’s daughter, and as I think you are aware of by now, she passed away on 12/25. I’m writing on behalf of my family to thank you and the team at One Health for the phenomenal care they provided to my Mom. In particular nurses Rio, Mark, Mia and Diane were wonderful to work with.

While Mom sped up the date of her departure on us, the hospice experience included some really beautiful moments. And, your team helped us all along that journey to understand as best we could what was best to do for Mom in the moment and what was likely to happen next.

My brother and I and our families all made it home by 12/24 and we had a grand Christmas Eve party in her room with her as was always our family’s tradition. We think that send-off, along with visits from Hospice and clergy earlier that day, gave her the strength to leave and move on to her next journey.

Please pass on our gratitude to your team when you are able. If we ever need to refer a hospice company to someone, One Health will be it.


Karin Hagen Riggs