Welcome to One Health Home Health and Hospice, where compassionate home-based patient care meets exceptional service. We are proud to serve the residents of Contra Costa County, CA, and surrounding areas, providing a comprehensive range of home healthcare services. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering personalized care, promoting wellness, and enhancing the quality of life for our patients and their families.

Home Health: Restoring Independence and Healing at Home

At One Health Home Health and Hospice, we understand the importance of being in the comfort of your own home while receiving healthcare services. Our team of skilled nurses, therapists, and caregivers is here to assist you in your journey toward recovery and wellness. Whether you or your loved one are transitioning from a hospital stay, managing a chronic condition, or in need of rehabilitative services, we offer a wide range of home health services to meet your specific needs.

Our experienced nurses provide skilled medical care, including wound care, medication management, and pain management. They work closely with physicians to develop personalized care plans that address your unique healthcare requirements.

Our physical, occupational, and speech therapists are dedicated to helping you regain independence and improve your quality of life through targeted rehabilitation programs. We also offer specialized services such as cardiac care, diabetes management, and respiratory therapy to support patients with specific medical conditions.

Hospice Care: Compassionate Support for End-of-Life Journey

At One Health Home Health and Hospice, we understand that end-of-life care requires compassion, dignity, and support. Our hospice care team is here to provide comfort and assistance to patients and their families during this difficult time. We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure that individuals receive the physical, emotional, and spiritual support they need to live their final days with dignity and peace. Our interdisciplinary team, including physicians, nurses, social workers, counselors, and volunteers, works together to develop personalized care plans that prioritize the patient’s comfort and well-being. We provide pain and symptom management, emotional support, spiritual care, and bereavement services to both patients and their loved ones. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for individuals in their final stages of life and ensure that their families receive the support they need during this challenging time.

Specialty Programs: Meeting Unique Healthcare Needs

In addition to our home health and hospice services, we offer specialty programs to address unique healthcare needs. These programs are designed to provide specialized care for individuals with complex medical conditions or specific requirements.

Orthopedic Program

Our Orthopedic Program is designed to provide specialized care for patients recovering from orthopedic surgeries, fractures, or joint replacements. Our team of skilled therapists will work with you to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan, focusing on improving mobility, strength, and functionality.

Wound Care Program

Our Wound Care Program is dedicated to providing advanced wound care and management for patients with complex or chronic wounds. Our wound care specialists are experienced in the latest techniques and treatments to promote healing and prevent complications.

Fall Prevention Program

Falls can be a significant risk for individuals, especially seniors, which is why our Fall Prevention Program is designed to reduce the risk of falls and related injuries. Our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment, develop a customized plan, and provide education on fall prevention strategies and home safety modifications.


FAQ 1. What is the difference between home health and hospice care?
Home health care is focused on providing medical services and rehabilitative support to individuals in their own homes. It is typically provided to individuals who are recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery or those managing chronic conditions. Hospice care, on the other hand, is designed for individuals with a life-limiting illness and provides comfort, support, and pain management during their end-of-life journey.

FAQ 2. How do I know if I or my loved one is eligible for home health or hospice care?
A physician’s order is typically what determines eligibility for home health or hospice care. Our team can work closely with your healthcare provider to assess your needs and determine the appropriate level of care.

FAQ 3. How can I access your services for myself or a family member?
To access our services, you can reach out to our team directly by phone or through our website. We will gladly guide you through the process and help you understand the available options based on your specific needs and circumstances.

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Need Home Healthcare Services in Contra Costa County, CA?

Here at One Health Home Health and Hospice, we believe in the power of compassionate care to transform lives. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional home healthcare services to the residents of Contra Costa County. Whether you or your loved one require home health services, hospice care, or specialized programs, we are here to support you on your journey toward wellness.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you or your family member. Together, let’s create a personalized care plan that meets your unique needs and promotes your well-being. Join us on the path to healing and experience the compassionate care of One Health Home Health and Hospice.

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